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Aakruti ECommerce


Client:  Aakruti Kannada

Project:  Ecommerce Website

Project Duration:  6Weeks

Tools:  Adobe Photoshop, WIX Design & Development Tool

Role:  UX-UI Designer

Business Scenario

It was a situation where our customer was struggling to approach new customer and sell tshirts during COVID. Having a small scale business and marketing new t-shirts to their existing and new customer on a regular basis was becoming challenging. So they needed a an ecommerce solution through which they can reach their existing customers as well as reach new customer through direct marketing. 


Created an ecommerce site and complete setup of order management, fulfilment and store front that helped customer to display and sell round neck tshirts with customized design. Buyers can look in to the design catalogue and place the bulk orders with ease. Responsive design and ability to integrate other delivery partners and huge reduction in manual interactions with customers and time spent on displaying designs are reduced and email marketing feature to help reach more customers and increase sales.​​​​​​​

Scope  Complete UX / UI design and development of store front + order management and fulfillment setup. Image adaptation work like banners and t-shirt thumbnails and setting up email - marketing.


  • Store Front Setup

  • Order Management

  • End to end Implementation

  • Design + Development


Week1 After couple of interaction and discussion with the customer considering the time constrain and urgency i started with looking at some design inspirations. Created a mood board and sketched out some design thoughts. I choose WIX as a development platform. 

Week2 Listed out some clean and simple templates from Wix platform that matches the requirement which can be further used for setting up the store front design.

Design Option1

All the t-shirt designs were printed on Black and White color tshirts only. Even though they had other colors, but that was only by request by customer. So, my first idea was on black and white theme. I decided that B&W will be the colors, and "Simple", "Straight" and "Relevant" will be the key principles. 

Theme should communicate to customer that, only the black and white tshirts are sold. Very minimal information more white space to emphasize t-shirt designs. First fold was to display cotton t-shirts, material, quality than having a human presence or a face to be less consumer focused and more business focused. Second fold was to highlight new designs. and the third fold with all design collection (a Complete Catalogue). "Simple" "Straight" and "relevant" content. 

Mobile Screens

Design Option2

Wanted to give slightly different feel than the first option. Kept few trendy elements. Focused more on engaging elements. More call to action button. Design categories. More sections. So first "Wow!", "engage" and "propose" was the principles for this design. 

Human faces with expression to connect emotionally. Big Bold Headings. Few lines of description. Call to action buttons on each section to explore new designs was the idea. 

Customer liked option 1 and he wanted to go ahead with it, with minor changes. He believed that the design is more emphasized on cloth and designs also the color black and white looks great and designs on t-shirt with less elements around are more convincing.

Week 3 & 4 - Based on the design selection, option 1 was converted and Store front was setup, uploading content, catalogue creation, payment options integration was done. Week 5 & 6 - Customer was asked to do couple of end to end testing and provide feedback. 

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