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Client: Internal      

Project:  Mobile Application    

Project Duration:  3Weeks

Tools: Adobe XD

Role: UX / UI Designer

Project Brief

Leading IT Company wanted to build a digital platform to help their employees to connect globally, share knowledge and collaborate and learn through a one single platform. For any organization it is always important to make their employees up skilled and keep them up to date with the technology and process to be in the competition. It is also beneficial when the knowledge is shared among other employees and it also help organization to grow culturally by connecting people from different geographical location.


Digital Event Mobile App is a solution which was proposed for connecting people with in organization to meet and learn and explore new technologies, process and other topics that help individuals to gain knowledge and grow. Its a mobile platform that list out speakers, topics and encourage people to attend globally. If it is organized locally it help local employees with the map details to locate them. It also provide social connect feature when one can explore details about speaker, read blogs written by them. Push notification features help employees to alert and plan for the event, conferences or workshops.

Goal Connect employees globally on a single platform. Invite speakers, Display Agendas, Encourage Employees to attend and Learn. Also provide options to create a team and be collaborative and discuss on different topics.

Scope  Complete UX / UI design and development. My responsibility was to initiate and create all pages for the mobile application and provide all assets to developers. 


  • Wireframes

  • Prototype

  • Visual Designs


It was important for me to capture inputs from other employees as well.  Wanted to understand their point of view and their inputs. I created set of questionnaires and prepared a survey with micro soft survey tool. Sent it to selected participants. Out of 1000 participants 100 employees responded to survey. Spent about a day to refine a quantitative data. I decided to have a workshop with selected participants and get more insights.  

2 Days Workshop

My research phase started with a workshop. Invited 5 employees to be part of workshop, Our thought was to have a mix of different domain and technical expertise to be part of the workshop. We included technical architects, business analyst and other employees from financial background and new joiners. 

Day1 - 2 Hrs.

My goal was to capture how each one think of current situation about collaboration, opportunities and challenges that they are facing. We began the workshop by quick introduction and gave participants the overview of the current organizational need and explained them on how each one can contribute in building a solution.

Each participants were asked to talk about a situation where they were stuck and needed help and what and how they engage themselves in learning new process and technologies along with day to day work. 

As part of day 1 workshop we captured good amount of details from each one. 

Day2 - 2 Hrs.

As part of 2nd day workshop i began with the recap of what was learnt from our previous session and i gave participants a task of creating a paper sketch on how they visualize a solution. I gave them all the required guidance and they were able to come up with some nice ideas. 


With all the information and rough ideas, started creating wireframes so that initial idea is more functional and represent navigation and complete flow. Demonstrated to the internal team, couple of iterations were done. Agreed on the flow, functionalities and features. 

Visual Designs

Visual designs were created by following organization branding colors and guidelines. Created design assets and guidelines.


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