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Personalized Mobile App

Client: Leading Airlines   

Project:  Mobile Application,     

Project Duration:  3Weeks

Tools:  Adobe XD Role:  UX / UI Designer

Business Scenario

While travelling on a business trip, travelers will always be surrounded by stressful situations. Starting from getting stuck in a traffic jam, standing in a long check in queues and flight getting delayed can lead to lot of frustration. How can we help business traveler a smooth travel experience and make the complete travel journey a great one?


Mobile app was mainly focused on providing personalized experience for business traveler. Throughout the journey, Starting from booking the ticket till reaching the destination the app help traveler in planning, preparing for the journey and guide every moment with instant notification.


It was a fast faced design project with a very tight deadline. Created 15 screens in a week time. Very limited scope for UX. The scope was only to create UI Designs on the second week.


Week1 Design workshop was conducted with internal people who travel frequently to understand their actual challenges, needs and to explore design opportunities. Also collecting data through secondary research methods and defining the right design direction..

Secondary Research

Week2 Created high level user journey based on the initial primary and secondary data to visualize the complete user journey and point identify the touch points and Use cases were identified and task flows were created. Created a wireframes to get a high-level view of the mobile application and clickable prototype to get initial approvals.

User Journey


Visual Screens


Visual theme and design system were created based on the branding guidelines and applied on selected templates.


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